DRM™ - Digital Radio Mondiale - Recordings and results by Simone Stoeppler

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DRM Transmission Schedule

recording of mobile reception NASB april 25th (WBCQ) via Rampisham on 9565 kHz;

map and results of mobile reception

recording NASB march 21th (interviews at the SWL fest/Kulpsville) via Rampisham on 9565 kHz; .>>.part2 march28th; .>>.part3 april4th

recording NASB feb 22th (from HFCC with people from VT Merlin) via Rampisham on 9565 kHz;

......results NASB feb 22th (HFCC/Merlin)

the difference in sound quality: BBC World Service from Orfordness/ UK on AM and DRM:

recording from AM (648 kHz) recording from DRM (1296 kHz), mono 18.3 kb/s, AAC+SBR

test at lower bitrate (16.3 kb/s,no SBR):

recording from AM (648 kHz) recording from DRM (1296 kHz), !new! 13.04 kb/s

watch skywave propagation evolving at sunset

RCI DRM announcements in French and English

Data services:: slideshow BBC_WS from Rampisham

Journaline fromDW/Juelich

Broadcast website from Rampisham

3 data services from SWR/ Kaiserslautern


NEW: AMSS used on analogue transmissions by BBC WS and RTL


Modification of Sony ICF-SW7600GR

Report on mobile reception

VT Merlinīs DRM demonstration car at IBC 2003

Pictures of Roberts MP40 DRM/DAB/FM/AM Radio by James Briggs: Roberts MP40, Roberts MP40_1, Roberts MP40_dw,

Roberts MP40_left, Roberts MP40_rear, Roberts MP40_ubc, Roberts MP40_ubc1